My name is Katheryn Byrne and I am a junior here at UofSC. I’m a public relations major and business minor, so going into my internship search I knew I needed mine to align with my future goals along with my relevant coursework.

I started off my search like many of us do– freaking out and applying to everything I could find on Linkedin and Indeed while calling my mom to tell her I would simply never find a job ( and warned her that she must be okay with this). It wasn’t until I talked to another PR major that I realized that everyone goes through this panic- even the ones that seem to have them lined up since preschool. Once I came to this realization I began to limit my search to internship opportunities that truly made me excited and interested.

I began reaching out after applying to make sure I was on the contact lists and then one morning when I opened my gmail there it was- AN ANSWER! The head of the internship team for Brandsway Creative emailed me about doing an interview and after going through this process I was offered the position of a summer intern.

This position was supposed to be in New York City, but due to the pandemic my office became my living room. This was a very difficult experience for me because I had a finalized plan of how I wanted my summer to look (okay, maybe I wanted to look trendy commuting into the city too). However, putting aside my expectations and letting myself enjoy the experience was the best decision I have ever made.

My weeks started off by finding out what team I was working under. Different teams included fashion, beauty, wellness and fitness PR. Then, we got our task lists for the day and got to work! I learned how to compile media lists, put together media plans and create press clippings. My biggest piece of advice to anybody entering their first PR internship is to ASK QUESTIONS! I found myself trying to figure out terms that I honestly had no idea about and after one quick email knew everything I needed to submit my best work.

In any internship, they expect you not to know it all– that’s the whole point! As long as you remain motivated to learn and accept that we truly don’t have all the answers, you will be able to handle anything.

This internship showed me so much, not only about my field but about what I am capable of. It truly was so motivating to get to work for such hardworking women with a passion for PR and I can’t wait to be back in my city learning more about my field soon! 

— For any questions about internships and the process, please contact —

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