This past summer was the first time I went home with no plan. I was a rising senior, no internship, no part-time job – which was very unlike me. I’ve always been the kind of person that likes to be busy, always has a plan and jumps after opportunities. After spending most of my fall & spring semester applying for remote roles and getting rejection letter after rejection letter, I took a step back.

When I went home to Atlanta after finals, I felt like I could breathe. I spent a few weeks doing nothing – I went to the pool, joined a gym and started looking around for fun ways to spend my summer. I emailed lululemon at Ponce City Market in Atlanta on a whim, not even sure if they were hiring.

I started my first day towards the end of May. I was nervous going in. Everyone was so cool, so nice and so determined. They were the kinds of people who I aspired to be.
In early June, I got the opportunity through a connection to intern for Portman Holdings, a prominent development company in Atlanta. There, I worked with their Creative Director and planned events and coordinated all sorts of cool projects.

My summer turned into the busiest but best summer I have ever had. I worked at Portman Holdings during the week and lululemon on the weekends, with only a week off for vacation.
I learned so much about myself and what kind of person I want to be this summer. Working for lululemon taught me the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people and working at Portman Holdings solidified my interest in real estate public relations.
So, if you find yourself going into your summer with no plan, don’t stress. It might be the best summer of your life.

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